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Omacon is an international online business development consultancy and internet marketing services company.

We help smaller organisations from all over the world establish and develop a successful and sustainable presence online.

We are experts in the development of English language campaigns for non-English speaking businesses.

Service Standards 

In all of our business dealings we apply the highest ethical and technical standards whilst maintaining a competitve fee structure.

Objectivity ....................our opinions and conclusions are unbiased.

Independence................we will not compromise our integrity

Technical Competence....we employ the highest standards of professional ability

Innovative......................we look for the most suitable solution and not simply accepted standards


Omacon is a spin off from our main professional consultancy practice Consult FDI, a business and financial management consultancy practice specializing in SME support and online business development strategies.

Having conducted several successful online campaigns and due to increased client demand we have decided to spin off this division into an autonomous unit which can be developed as an independent business unit providing key staff members with a focused career structure within the online marketing arena. Maintaining links back to Consult FDI provides Omacon with a substantial business and financial management support network.

Our CEO is a fully qualified UK Accountant with over 20 years of experience supporting smaller organisations both in the UK and overseas.


Our fee structures provide both certainty and flexibility, enabling our clients to clearly assess the cost commitment of each engagement. There are no hidden costs or charges.

We provide clients with a detailed proposition, fee quote and payment structure, performance measurement parameters etc.

We offer fixed fees for many project based assignments as well as fixed hourly/daily rates for on site consultancy/ training visits.

We also recognise that a proportion of costs at the early stage of an ongoing professional relationship result from gathering background information. For this reason we offer a fee deferral scheme based upon your time with us as a client. Save costs by securing our services monthly for campaign management.


Our aim at Omacon is to develop a successful and focused business which develops with our selective client base. By embracing new technologies and trends in online business development we aim to stay ahead of the competition and maintain the personal client service which has already secured the success of Consult FDI

Through the provision of quality online strategies, information and support we believe business operators can significantly increase performance whilst maintaining full control.

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