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Keyword Strategies


Why is a Keyword Strategy Important for Your Business?

The identification of highly targeted keywords is critical for online success .

Taking keyword analysis and review to the next level can really open up new markets and/or related opportunities both on and offline.

Take a look at the following suggested business review questions you should be asking as part of a detailed keyword strategy.

How do present customers find your business?

Do customers know exactly what they are looking for or are they looking for guidance?

Can potential customers be sold to rather than provided with?

Is your business selling high value products online which may require detailed follow up over time to secure the sale?

Does your business provide opportunity for cross selling, subscription based selling or customer longevity through repeat consumable sales or upselling?

Is there an opportunity to expand your business into closely related areas through similar keyword searches?

Do potential customers search for your products/services using the same descriptions as you use?

Have there been recent changes in technology, regulation or publicity which will affect search terms?

Will potential customers be looking for free information before they commit to buy and if so will they search using free as part of the search parameters?

If your business has many similar products (eg a jewellery store) can you secure visitors for the less competitive keywords and encourage them to browse your site?

Find out what keywords your main competitors are using to secure their high Google rankings.


In Depth Keyword Analysis is available from Omacon including keywords in other languages.

We can provide a carefully targeted list of top keywords to maximise for search engines.

Service is provided on a consultancy basis subject to daily/weekly rates. Please call /email to discuss further

In addition to the keyword analysis services included with our SEO and PPC services we can conduct a detailed and carefully targeted review of appropriate keywords for your business.

Detailed keyword analysis report starting at

Please contact us here to discuss your specific requirements and fee structure.

Case Study

For example our campaign for our sister site Consult FDI included a detailed analysis of how potential clients of professional services would react to a pure online service sell. As a result of our analysis we decided to productize one of our consultancy services, the benchmark report and uploaded pdf examples onto the site's chosen landing pages. Our adwords campaign directed potential customers to these landing pages and also offered the opportunity to download a free benchmarking report. The relevant keywords were low in competition and cheap to secure but we recognised that clients interested in these reports would be reasonably sophisticated business operators and would probably be interested in online accounting, tax etc which FDI also offers but keyword competition is high. We are now working on replicating the success of this model for other service areas such as business valuations and funding/grant searches.

Remember just because your chosen keywords have high competition/cost this does not necessarily mean your business is excluded. There are many strategies available to ensure you compete successfully with established or larger operations.

After all they may not be clients of Omacon.

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