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Google Adwords PPC Advertising

Search Network

The most popular search network is Google accounting for xxxx% of global searches and yyyy% of UK based searches.

The same basic principles apply to other search networks such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask etc.

Users search Google using what they consider relevant keywords for their requirements (this is important as it may not be the same keywords your business expects/uses).

Google then displays both paid and unpaid results/ads to the searcher based upon Google's page ranking algorithms (which are constantly changing) and the bids placed by advertisers for each click through.

Remember that few searchers will move onto page 2 of Google displayed results.

The wording in each result/ad may or my not encourage searchers to click on the result and be directed to a landing page (a destination page within the website). Once on this landing page the user will hopefully conduct the required action buy a product, register, take out a subscription, move to another section of the site etc.


For businesses starting out with an online marketing campaign we always suggest that the numerous mediums available should be progressed in stages, starting with search engine marketing before moving onto display networks and you tube.

So the objective in any PPC advertising campaign is:

To Display Advertisements to all Relevant but Highly Targeted Potential Customers and Ensure that they are Encouraged to Click on the Advertisement to arrive at a Landing Page where they will Carry out a pre-determined Required Action all at Minimal Cost.

With Adwords, the relevant keywords are grouped together into ad groups. These should maintain consistency with your business website categories. Each ad group will contain a minimum of 1 advertisement which Google will display to searchers. Your PPC bids will be allocated per keyword, with a default amount applied where specific keyword bids are not made. (Ads can be scheduled to appear at certain times/days or rotated evenly on display as well as directing to different landing pages trial and measurement is the only sure way forward)

Remember that it takes time to build up meaningful results data on what keywords drive most traffic, what ads attract most clicks and what traffic is cost effective. No business wants to pay for visitors who do not and never will buy/refer their product or service.


Once there is adequate data to interpret the success of click through from specific ads its time to get to grips with the detailed customer activity on the site itself. At this point Google Analytics comes into its own providing high level detail on customer behaviour. Omacon can implement Analytics onto customers sites and set up coherent performance reports, which will clearly identify what aspects of the campaign are successful or need attention.


Setup Your Adwords Campaign from as Little as 500 with monthly campaign management fees starting at 150.

Display network advertising rates available on request.
Full Google Analytics Implementation from

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