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International Clients

Visitors are four times more likely to buy from a website in their own language.

A website in 10 languages covers 84% of the world’s online population.

Is your business looking for a cost effective route to English speaking markets?

Omacon provides a highly targeted service to overseas organisations looking to penetrate English speaking markets with an online marketing campaign. Comprehensive web copy translation services, re-branding for English markets etc.

Please contact us with your specific requirements – we are always pleased to discuss our services with international business clients. Our local country representatives contact details can be found here ......

General Business Support

Our sister company Consult FDI provides comprehensive start up, business and financial management services for international business looking for professional representation in the UK.

Consult FDI will help you set up a company open a UK bank
account, setup local payment gateways (often on a confidential basis using our own nominee arrangements) translate promotional material and websites etc.

Further information is available on the Consult FDI website here....

Multilingual Keyword Research

Knowing what people search for online allows you to know how best to optimise your website. In addition, Keyword Research allows us to identify how competitive a keyword is and, consequently, the work involved to achieve a top 10 result on any Search Engine Results Page (SER P).
It is not enough to simply translate the keywords provided in English. Research needs to be undertaken to ensure the right keywords are used in the search terms, and how competitive each search term is.


Omacon is a natural progression of the services provided by Consult FDI into the provision of online marketing specifically targeted at smaller businesses looking to expand into English speaking markets, including UK,USA, Australia etc.

Omacon provides international clients with comprehensive strategic and advisory services on online market penetration as well as complete set up and campaign management services, e-commerce development and associated activities.

Take full control over your advertising budget and management costs with easy transfer to alternative managers or self management if/when you are ready.

How We Help Our International Clients

SEO your English local website and develop a detailed keyword strategy for optimization and identify additional market opportunities.

Use PPC advertising to promote your brand and/or products using Google Adwords, Facebook or Linkedin for professional services.

Set up an English Facebook Fanpage and drive your viral marketing traffic.

Add an online store to your Facebook page and start selling from Facebook as well as a dedicated website.

Set up a detailed professional company profile on Linkedin.

Set up and use Twitter to promote your business and drive traffic back to your site.

Add video content, images and detailed product/service descriptions to your social media sites.

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